Wednesday, 25 December 2013

CLINIQUE chubby stick intense!

Look what I got my Hands on!! 

This is my first blogging experience girls, do let me know what you think and leave behind your suggestions ! :)

Now ladies, its SHOW TIME!! Its just today that I got my hands on this remarkable item ( a present from my sister to be exact ;) ) and am already in love with it. YAY!

Goodbye, former lip stains, this one's here to stay. Easy to twist, glides smoothly on my lips and VIOLA! beautiful ,moisturized and hydrated red lips that keeps you dazzling for a long time :)  the colour is a bit tomato-ish, a bit fuchsia, and almost a little fluorescent, it might just be the boldest shade out Clinique’s entire product range .Amazing product with an affordable price tag.

Do let me know what you think about it .:)

Shade : Mightiest Marischino
Price : US $ 17.00 likewise PKR 1700


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    1. Thankyou aadia, :) do visit again for more reviews and posts.. happy holidays!